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What Expo WiFi Should Be Lab environments provide perfect conditions for connectivity and signal purity. But what happens when you step out of the lab on onto the showroom floor? Chaos! The tradeshow floor is a chaotic confluence of signals, noise and interference. This chaos is the enemy of a successful demo and puts your project and business at risk. TSE/ Firewalls Modular Lab brings order to chaos and recreates lab conditions using state of the art shielding technologies.
frequency attenuation w/ firewalls
Faraday in a box This ground-breaking patented modular wall panels systems is an industry game changer. This pre-engineered “Faraday in a box” comes ready to go, no more labor hours wasted on preparing, wrapping , taping, or bonding. With an average of 45dB of radio frequency attenuation, our panel system will effectively attenuate the RF interference to an unusable signal. This will allow your wireless networks to work as it was intended to. You can now demo your products at price you can afford.


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